Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

I-gen (short for intergenerational) was conceived as a solution toward Urban Renewal and Economic Stimulus particularly in urban and semi-suburban areas.  For instance, inner cities and areas that traditionally were developed as low income housing, now overbuilt and under-serviced; areas where population migrated to suburbs and left housing to deteriorate and quality of the neighborhood to be impacted; areas where crime and social disparities still persist, areas where neighborhoods are looking for a new identity.  I-gen was designed to become a catalyst in the gentrification process of such areas, providing mixed-use developments with retail, community facilities and commercial opportunities in the heart of such residential areas  Bounded by German Town Hospital (part of Einstein Hospital) and across the street from La Salle University, the site offered an excellent opportunity to develop an I-gen project.


  • – 300,000 SF of  377 residential units
  • – 89,000 SF retail component
  • – 73,000 SF community facility
  • – 362 car parking structure and 249 car ground parking